KiCE Construction Equipment has manufactured smart clothing containers, which was launched in Al-Ahsa Municipality to invest the surplus of used clothes in Kisa’a project. The project aims to distribute the donated clothes to families in need.

These smart containers are environmentally friendly that operate by solar energy. It has a cylinder shape with a diameter of one and a half meter, about two meters in high, and weighs 350 KG. The container is made of high quality strong steel, and lights up with green when it’s empty, while the light turns to red as it becomes full

In addition, the container has a donation window in the front and unloading door at the back that has a high quality lock. It is highly safe and tolerant to high temperature as well as different weather conditions.

Since this project is exclusively for Al-Ahsa Province, about 50 containers have been produced and distributed around Al-ahsa neighborhoods and streets with the assistance of Al-Ahsa municipality.

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